Frietkraam Rotterdam foto 1.JPG

Thousands of drill tips from ProFound Drill Solutions for the “De Groene Boog” project (The Green Arch) in the Netherlands

Last week marked the completion of the pile foundation works for the “The Groene Boog” project in Rotterdam Noord, a project involving the construction of the A16: a new motorway including a tunnel that is 100% CO2-neutral. The new sustainable and innovative motorway fits perfectly in the environment and will significantly improve the accessibility and traffic flow to Rotterdam Noord, a region of major economic importance. The motorway will open to traffic in 2024.

The thousands of pile foundations supporting the Groene Boog were realized using drill tips from ProFound Drill Solutions. As the icing on the cake, last week the 8,847th pile foundation was drilled into the ground using one of our drill tips!

As this was a milestone we didn’t want to allow to go unnoticed, ProFound Drill Solutions decided to treat everyone at the site to some delicious French fries – see the images below!

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