PROANC40 and PROANC52 for a GEOFOR construction site in Luxembourg

We were very honored that one of our newest customers, GEOFOR, has realized its first project using our patented PROANC40 and PROANC52 anchor chairs. GEOFOR is a Luxembourg-based company that specializes in drilling and peripheral shoring solutions. 

On one of its construction sites in Luxembourg, secant wall piles with a diameter of 880 millimeters and a length of up to 17 meters were anchored in two layers using the ProFound Drill Solutions PROANC40 and PROANC52 anchor chairs. Following this, they were also treated using shotcrete.


Customer review

“We had no problems with the installation of the PROANC40 and PROANC52. And we only see the advantage of a much larger reservation in our shotcrete to tension our tie rods thanks to the products of ProFound Drill Solutions”, according to the construction manager.

We’re always delighted to receive positive feedback from another satisfied customer. Because at the end of the day, that is why we do what we do!